Meet our team

Mark is the director of GaySail and GayNudeSail and a fully-licensed skipper and sailing instructor who has over 30 years of experience with Gay groups. Mark speaks English, French, German, Dutch and some Spanish. He takes care of the training of new Gay Skippers and Cooks, and sails a lot of cruises as a skipper himself, often with his partner Ömer. He'll ensure that you have a wonderful, comfortable and above all: a safe cruise on all our trips in Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Thailand, Tahiti, St. Martin, Seychelles and others.
Ömer is a crew member, cook and co-skipper on the many cruises. He takes care of breakfast and lunch. He has a great sense of humor and loves to entertain the group.
Together with his boyfriend, Frans loves to do our Nude Sailing Cruises. He knows all the beautiful places in Croatia and Sint Maarten and also goes with us to the British Virgin Islands and Thailand.
William is the caring friend and co-skipper of Frans. As a cook he provides a varied breakfast and lunch.
Huug (or Hugh, if that's easier to pronounce) started sailing as a child and has never stopped loving it. He has been skippering groups since his teenage years. Over the years he learned that although no group is the same, it is always fun to team up and create a nice active vacation together.
Rolf is an experienced sailor with his own sailing yacht in the Netherlands. He is new to our group. He is happy to sail a few weeks in the sun out of the rainy Netherlands, especially for us!
As a racing sailor, Jan-Piet can be found on the water all year round. Although on our cruises there is a much more relaxed atmosphere, his passion for sailing remains unchanged. He loves to teach you guys how to sail. Apart from that, he is a great on board cook as well!
Ted has experience of sailing in the Caribbean and Greece, and is a friendly and relaxed cook who is always looking for interesting recipes using fresh local ingredients. As a qualified Fitness Instructor, Ted likes to create food that is both healthy and delicious.
Serge once joint us as a sailing guest and basically he spent the whole week in the kitchen, almost pushing our cook overboard because he likes to cook so much. So we welcomed him to our GaySail Cook team! Serge is Belgium and he loves to cook all kind of International meals and lots of healthy breakfasts.
Aernout already learned to sail when we was a little boy and he experienced to be on the water as the freedom of life. He is cook ship cook with lots of humor. He know sailing makes our guests hungry and he always knows to make something nice in the ship kitchen with lots of creativity.
Henk is an experienced sailor who has been sailing for more then 10 years in areas where GaySail travel: Croatia, Greece and the Caribbean. In the Netherlands, he likes to join with other sailors and go sailing on the Dutch North Sea and IJsselmeer. Henk holds the role of skipper as well as that of tour guide and cook.
In the Netherlands, Maurice owns a traditional Dutch sailing bark. Apart from his own boat he sails aboard many different types of ships. Maurice is an enthusiastic match-racer but can also enjoy the silence and wilderness of the water.
Kia likes cooking and makes breakfast and tasty dishes at lunch. He is spontaneous and cozy and does his best for a fun time on the boat.
Knut grew up on the Norwegian fjords and being in and on the water is his favorite pastime. Swimming, scuba diving, kiteboarding, kayaking and sailing is high on his list of priorities. He also loves cooking up a storm and serves up tasty dishes for breakfast and lunch with local, fresh ingredients.
Alan has been sailing since he and his partner John bought their first yacht 8 years ago and is a member of the Sailing & Cruising Association in the UK. Together they love to sail in the UK and the Mediterranean to find lovely places to visit and enjoy relaxed lunches in idyllic bays and anchorages with the company of good friends.
John is the partner of Alan and when they sail together is the cook and 2nd Skipper. John is also a competent skipper and is also a qualified chef and has a passion for cooking and loves to prepare tasty and healthy breakfasts and lunches for their guests onboard.
Martijn is well known by previous guests, and they tend to sail with him again. With Martijn, there is never a dull moment! Watch our Greek sailing movie.
Erik is new as on board cook. He loves to prepare you a healthy breakfast and a good lunch. He is very creative and likes to use local ingredients from the local shops and markets. And he can make great BBQ's on the beach! He does both nude and clothes optional cruises.
When our company first began, August was the first cook aboard. No matter the wind or the waves, you can rely on August to bring out of the kitchen a wonderful surprise.
In his early years Emiel was an active enthusiastic water sports; the basics learned by his father on holiday trips with their private sailing yacht and windsurfing with friends. Now he proudly sails together with his friend Alex on their own sailing yacht across the IJsselmeer, Frisian Lakes, Wadden Sea and trips to Denmark and Sweden. Since 2010 many guests have experienced unforgettable sailing trips in Greece, Croatia and Thailand with Emiel & Alex. In his role of Captain Emiel gives workshops sailing, navigating & making knots and he is always looking for the adventure.
Co-skipper & Cook Alex serves together with his partner Emiel in our sailing team since 2010. Alex sailed many nautical miles privately and for us. As co-skipper he has an extensive experience in sailing our boats safely to each destination. As a Cook he serves an extensive and creative lunch every day, which is highly appreciated by our guests. During the trip, treatment is in good hands with Alex. Many guests book their sailing cruise with Emiel & Alex again.
Brian and his husband Margarito have been sailing together for 15 years. Beginning on Texas lakes, they have now sailed many seas. Brian is a professional pianist who loves to teach and share the joy of sailing. He also enjoys diving, kitesurfing, windsurfing, snowboarding, and competing in regattas.
Margarito enjoys cooking many different types of cuisines including Mexican, Italian, Asian and more. His husband Brian turned him into a proper sailor and now it's his favorite way to travel the world. Don't be surprised if he performs for guests since he's been in the spotlight since age 5.


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