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Feb 1, 2020
Tripadvisor review: 

I have done several trips with Gaysail, but Tahiti was the nicest so far. An opal blue sea and only beautiful islands.
A breathtaking underwater life, friendly people and great food.
Paradise on earth.
Our Captain Mark knew exactly where to go for the most beautiful places and the right resturants.
One of the highlights of which is an authentic polynesian banquet that gives you a beautiful view of part of the culture.
And as always nice people on board and a friendly and helpful crew. To be honest, I have put this trip on my wish list again.
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Posted on:Feb 2, 2020
Thank you Erik for the nice review, I hope to cu again on board in Tahiti or somewhere else!

02. 02. 2020
Awesome experience, highly recommend!
Jan 8, 2020
Awesome experience, highly recommend!
TripAdvisor review: GaySail, Gay Sailing Cruises Thailand
Possibly the most chilled out way to spend a few weeks. I enjoyed my time that much I extended by another week. You can be as involved as much or little as you like with the sailing, which was great. Breakfast and lunch was fantastic, and the rest of the time was spent swimming, sunbathing and sipping on a Gin & Tonic! The perfect few weeks spent with some great new friends.
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Posted on:Jan 15, 2020
Thank you for the nice review. We hope to welcome you on board again soon!

22. 01. 2020
I am looking forward to my next gay sail
Jan 7, 2020
Nathan E
Gay sail
TripAdvisor review: GaySail, Gay Sailing Cruises Thailand
Great staff. I felt very taken care of. Celebrated my birthday and made it very special. I am looking
forward to my next gay sail
Posted on:Jan 8, 2020
Hello Nathan
Thanks for your feedback. We are happy to bake an other birthday cake for you next year :)

22. 01. 2020
Trying Gaysail was the best decision I made for Christmas.

A belated Happy New Year to everyone! 


Making the most of the first stable WiFi I’ve had for a while. Trying Gaysail was the best decision I made for Christmas. So many new friends, sights and experiences. I was lucky with the group of people that were on both catamaran and that helped a lot. I might have to be out on the water again soon. 

Big thanks to captain, JP and our cook, Ted. Both were absolutely first class. Every meal Ted prepared was excellent and the meals varied. JP cooked his special eggs one morning for breakfast too! 

I was lucky to get a cabin on my own. If I do another, I’ll probably pay for a cabin to myself as (personally) I don’t think I’d be comfortable sharing with someone I didn’t know... I’m too messy in a small space!

Currently in my hotel, still feeling the motion from the boat. Apparently this is normal and temporary... oddly I don’t want it to stop, it’ll feel like the sail is really over then.


03. 01. 2020
Great way to spend relax vacation.
Dec 17, 2019
Great way to spend relax vacation
TripAdvisor review: GaySail: Gay Sailing Cruises Greek Islands
very relax cruise together all fun gay men
young and old sharing sun, sea and great stories
wild is the wind, no fun without the wind
our cook Dennis and captain Mark are fantastic hosts
big thanks to Athens-Mykonos crew fr super relax cruise

19. 12. 2019
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