GayNudeSail Special

The GayNudeSail Special Cruises include the service of a nude gay skipper and nude gay cook, accommodation on board, breakfast, lunch, harbor fees, taxes, gasoline and end cleaning. Everyday we enjoy a great sail in lovely sunny weather and each day we drop anchor in a different anchorage. Breakfast and lunch are on board prepared by the cook. If possible we anchor for lunch and a swim. In the evening we have dinner in one of the nice restaurants in the bay or local towns.

The cruises are always in small International Gay Groups, 1-3 Sailing Yachts, so 10-30 guys. It’s always a mixture of singles and couples, all ages. Each trip is accompanied by an experienced gay skipper and cook/co-skipper, who know the most beautiful spots, the best local restaurants and fantastic sights to see. Dinner (not included) is normally in one of the local restaurants and sometimes we have dinner on board or a BBQ at the beach. 

It does not matter if you are into sports or would rather lie in the sun all day. While we are sailing, you can help with the sails, the anchoring manoeuvres, and help steer the ship. We offer you a wonderful sailing cruise on the Mediterranean sea around the Grecian, Croatian and Montenegro Coast and Island(s) and we offer cruises in the Caribbean: St. Martin & St, Barth and in Tahiti. You can join us for 1, 2 weeks or more. During your trip you can learn as much sailing as you want or improve your knowledge of sailing. No sailing experience is needed. If you just want to relax, you are most welcome to enjoy the sea & wind and to soak up the sun on the front deck. Have a swim and enjoy the food, it’s your holiday!

Next to wonderful sailing and all the related avocations there will be plenty of time to explore some of the islands and enjoy the anchorages. We drop anchor in secluded bays, hike to ancient temples and amphitheaters, visit local markets and sip frappe at tavern's. Our skippers know the best spots and local things to see and do.

With all GayNudeSail cruises you are supposed to be nude everywhere where appropriate, so at sea and in quiet bays. All sailing yachts and catamarans have spots with shade if you don’t want to be in the sun all day. Skippers and cooks are nude as well. When we approach towns or busy bays, you need to cover yourself with a towel, sarong or swimwear. There is an on board policy meaning “no dicks on pics” (unless you ask someone to make a nude picture of you). Everybody needs to feel comfortable to be nude. Sailing in a company of gay man, especially when all are naked can be quite erotic. We encourage you to enjoy yourself with your partner or someone you meet during the cruise. We ask that you use some discretion and only use your cabin or an isolated beach. We want you to feel free to have a good time but we want to respect the right of the other guests and other people around.

Boarding time with GayNudeSail Special cruises starts always at 5.00 pm. If you make flight arrangements you can fly in on the day of boarding and fly out on the day of disembarkation. If you want to arrive some days before of leave later, we can advice you in your choice of hotel if you want. When you arrive you will be welcomed by the skipper and the cook with a drink and a snack. Then the cabins will be divided. On board there is a fully equipped galley with a fridge, stove and of course there are several bathroom with toilets and showers.
Before we set sail we put money in a common wallet, "the Kitty" which is then managed by one of the guests. From this wallet we pay all our common costs for dinner and drinks. People who don't drink any alcohol pay 20% less. According to established custom, the skipper is exempt from a contribution.

We have several (other) labels for our GaySail cruises:

  1. GaySail & GayNudeSail: Include the service of a gay skipper and accommodation on board of a sailing yacht. Provisions, breakfast and lunch is organized by the group. Grocery shopping at island towns is always a nice outing.
  2. GaySail Special & GayNudeSail Special: Include the service of a gay skipper and gay cook, accommodation on board of a quality sailing yacht, breakfast, lunch, harbor fees, taxes, gasoline and end cleaning.
  3. GaySail Exclusive & GayNudeSail Exclusive: Include the service of a gay skipper and gay cook, accommodation on board on a new exclusive luxury catamaran, breakfast, lunch, snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, harbor fees, gasoline and end cleaning.