GaySail Exclusive luxury catamaran cruise in the Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands

Location may not be everything but in the British Virgin Islands it’s what makes cruising so pleasurable. The Virgin Island government announced by September 21 that the borders will be open for tourist again by December 1. See link for more information. With its stretch of islands in the northeastern part of the Caribbean you can expect beautiful blue waters flowing into shaded caves and onto soft-sand beaches. Coral reefs surround the coast in an array of colors and are home to just as colorful marine life.

Further inland bars, shops and restaurants spill through the winding streets and timeless villages are filled with the famous laid-back island ambiance. And whether you like to take the helm of our yacht or relaxing on the sundeck, you will find there is nothing quite like island hopping from the deck of our great luxury catamarans! 

GayNudeSail Exclusive: January 29 - February 5 2022

GaySail Exclusive: February 5-12 2022

See our Caribbean Trailer to get a good impression of this cruise.

We will sail with luxury catamarans. We offer in the Virgin Islands also private GaySail Exclusive cruises. See our Caribbean Trailer to get a good impression of this cruise.