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Are there places available on the cruise? 

The website automatically indicates how many spots are available. We always accommodate couples in a cabin with double bed and singles in a bunk bed, split double bed, double bed or single cabin, depending on the layout of the yacht. All Catamarans also have 30% cheaper single crew cabins with access from the deck you can book, that will be indicated in the program of the cruise and the booking form. Use the booking code "crewcabin". If places are full we will contact you for other arrangements. (See: "sharing a cabin as a single"). Each yacht has is own layout, it is mentioned on each cruise. If you book you can mention your preference for the location of a room (couple) or bed (single) on the booking form. 

Discount codes:

  • Repeating customers: When you login, you automatically get €100,- discount on each new booking. If you login for the first time as repeating customer on this new website, use you e-mail adres as "user" and "let-me-in" as the password. After login you need to change your password.
  • Crew cabin: In the booking form you can use discount code "crewcabin" (crewcabin1 or -2, depending on how many there are left) for a 30% cheaper crew cabin, if available. The crew cabins are small single cabins in the bow of the catamaran with acces from the deck. They are fine for just sleeping but that's all. You will share one of the bathrooms inside the catamaran with other guests or skipper and cook.
  • Combi: If you want to make a two or three week cruise, you can use the discount "combi" (or "combicrewcabin") for the second and also third week booking to get a €100,- discount for the second (and third) week.
  • Privatedoublecabin: This code if for single guests who don't like to share a cabin, this way you pay 80% extra and you will have a private double cabin, with (except in Greece) also a private bathroom. 


Do I need any sailing experience?

You do not need any sailing experience. You can learn to sail and navigate as much as you want, but if you prefer to stay on the front deck, soak up to sun and look out for the dolphins, fine as well, it’s your holiday! It always nice if you give the skipper a little help with mooring the ship in a harbor and leaving a harbor.

How about sea sickness?

Most of the cruises we sail between Islands and not much at the open sea. Meaning not much change for huge waves. There are also lots of little tricks to prevent getting sea sick and if nothing helps, you can always buy some medication and we have some on board as well.

What is the difference between GaySail, GaySail Special and GaySail Exclusive?

  • GaySail (or GayNudeSail) is a Skipper only formula, meaning you pay for accommodation on board and the service of a gay skipper. The group of guests organizes (and pays) the shopping and make the breakfast and lunch together and also the dinner if we stay overnight in a bay and not in a town. There is no cook on this yachts, also harbor fees, taxes, gasoline and cleaning are not included.
  • GaySail Special (and GayNudeSail Special) cruises are including the service of a gay skipper and a gay cook/co-skipper. The price for this type of cruise includes: accommodation on board, breakfast, lunch, harbor fees, taxes, gasoline and end cleaning. This type of cruise does not included drinks on board and dinners.
  • GaySail Exclusive and GayNudeSail Exclusive organizes group- and private cruises all over the world. In our regular schedule we have luxury cruises on new and spacious catamaran and sailing yachts in the Caribbean: Saint Martin and the British Virgin Islands, and Bahamas, Brazil, Ibiza, Croatia and in Thailand. These cruises include: Accommodation on board of a luxury, spacious and new sailing yacht or catamaran, the service of a gay skipper and gay cook, breakfast, lunch and non alcoholic drinks, harbor fees, taxes, gasoline and cleaning.  Not included: dinner and alcoholic drinks. We can organize private sailing cruises almost anywhere you want. For more information and a free quote mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • AdonisGaySailing and AdonisExclusive are labels we don't use any longer.  AdonisGaySailing became GaySail Special and AdonisExclusive: GaySail Exclusive

What is the difference between a Nude Cruise and a regular (Clothes Optional) cruise?

Almost all cruises are clothes optional, meaning if you are comfortable you may stay naked on the front deck in the sun and swim naked if you like if we are not in front of a town or a busy bay. Nude cruises are nude all day, including the breakfast and lunch and for dinner as well if we stay overnight in a bay. You are not supposed the keep you clothes or swimwear on (only if the temperature is too cold). The policy on board is no dicks on pics. Nudity is not allowed at all in the Seychelles.

What is the difference between a gay sailing cruise and a cruise on a gay cruise ship?

GaySail Contact & FAQOur sailing cruises are sportive events. That also means you need to be in a good health condition. Sailing yachts heal over and move all the time and you need to be able to get in- and out of small dinghy's if there is no mooring at a quay. The groups are much smaller (maximum 14 on one yacht, maximum 30 all together, with 3 yachts). The skipper and cook are part of the group and not like the all day long serving cruise ships staff, serving you your drinks and clean up your trash. It's a group cruise, we have dinner together in the local restaurants (including the skipper and cook) and we sail as a team. On the exclusive cruises the service standard is higher then the other cruises. There are no (drugs- and sex-) party's on board and there is no entertainment program all day long. It's a sportive holiday about the pleasure of sailing, exploring new islands and -towns, swimming and sun bathing, all in the company of a small International group of a gay guys. 

What are the age ranges on board and is there a maximum age?
We have guys of all ages, starting from 18 till 72. Most guys are between 30 and 55 years old. As mentioned before, you need to be in a good condition to go on a sailing cruise. Therefore there is a maximum age of 72 years old by the time you join our sailing cruise.

What Nationalities do you have on board?
We have all nationalities on board. About 30% normally are Americans, 20-30% Dutch, Germans, Belgians and British and 30% from all over the world. It varies by the cruise, like more Americans on the Caribbean cruises.

What is the language on board?
The language on board is always English. Most skippers also speak Dutch and German, some of them also speak French and Spanish. You need to speak reasonable English to be able to join the conversations on board and in the restaurants.

How about the percentages singles and couples?
30-40% are normally couples, 60-70% are single. The couples who book a cruise like this obviously choose for a group holiday and like to spent their holidays meeting new people as well. We do not charge a single supplement but if the yacht is fully booked you may have to share a bunk bed or cabin with split or regular double bed or two single beds.

Sharing cabin as a single
GaySail Contact & FAQAs a single you will share a cabin with bunk bed (or split double bed in some catamarans) if the yacht is fully booked. You can book a cabin by yourself for an additional charge, depending on the cruise, starting with 150% to 180% of the price. You can contact us for more information if you are interested. If there are no more single spots left, you need to share a split double bed or regular double bed with someone. Of course we will use separate sheets for the two mattresses on a double bed, or if you are lucky you may have a double bed by yourself. Before the cruise, if you like, you can meet other singles on the our GaySail Facebook Events page, or our Private GaySail Group page, to find a roommate or we will accommodate you.

How about sex and drugs?
Sailing in a company of gay man, especially when all are naked can be quite erotic. We encourage you to enjoy yourself with your partner or someone you meet during the cruise. We ask that you use some discretion and only use your cabin or an isolated beach. We want you to feel free to have a good time but we want to respect the right of the other guests and other people around. Drugs are not allowed on board at all, not even joints, extacy, GHB, etc. In most countries it is forbidden and the skippers get a huge problem if local authorities find out. 

What is a Kitty system?
All expenses not included in the fare for your cruise, are paid from a common fund called “The Kitty”. Guests contribute to the common fund as necessary and one guest offers to manage the fund. All expenses not included in the fare for your cruise are paid out of “The Kitty. When the “Kitty”” is starts to get low, guests are asked to make additional contributions. The amount of your contribution to the “The Kitty" will depend on the type of cruise you choose and the country. To give you any idea:
GaySail Special cruises in Greece, Croatia are about 40-45 euro a person a day for dinner and drinks. In the Caribbean, Thailand, Bahamas, Seychelles, Tahiti and others it’s more expensive, because the restaurants are more expensive, 45-55 euro a person a day. People who do not drink any alcohol pay a 20% less to the kitty. 

What to bring (and what not) on board?
We advise you to take a travelling bag / rucksack that can be folded as suitcases cannot be stowed away in the cabins due to limited storage space. We can not store suitcases on board! (Shower-) towels, bed-sheets, duvets and pillows will be provided. On board we have a hi-fi system so if you wish, you can bring your CD’s or bring an I pod/I phone to plug in.

  • Summer clothes
  • Swimwear & beach towels, sandals or slippers
  • Warm jumper & waterproof jacket for cool evenings
  • Sunglasses & something to cover your head (cap, hat, bandana etc)
  • Your bathroom items i.e. flannel, toothbrush etc
  • A small backpack to take stuff to the shore.
  • Good waterproof sun cream and after-sun lo,- tion.

See our Ultimate Gay Holiday Checklist for advises. Do not bring too much!

Electricty, WIFI, Airco and Water.

On every yacht and catamaran you can always charge your phone with USB.

Most boats have an inverter, meaning you have limited 220V to charge bigger devices when the generator or motor is running (and only then).

There is no 220 V when the motor or generator is not running, unless we are in a port and connected to the shore power. As we don’t run the generator or motor at night, there is no 220V during the night and also not during sailing. Meaning, you need to charge your devices in time, same for guys using a sleeping machine. If you have such a machine, you can only share a cabin with your partner as he is used to it (hopefully for him) and its noise. If you travel by yourself, you need to book a private cabin, Remember, you need to be fit to join a sailing cruise and not everybody using such a machine in a good health condition to join us.

Some boats have airco. As we anchor mostly at sea in a bay, there is always a breeze to keep the boat cool at night as long you leave your windows and your door open. If it’s really hot, we can switch on the airco for half an hour before sleeping to cool down the boat or more when we are in a port and there is sufficient shore power.

There is no WIFI on board. You can buy a local sim card. As we hardly sail on open sea, you almost have 4G phone coverage everywhere. Most bars and restaurants where we go at night have free WIFI.

Every yacht and catamaran has limited resources of water, meaning you can not have a shower six times a day. If you have swim, just rinse yourself of with fresh water (after shampooing and swimming) and you will be fine. Of course, there are private showers too, but remember, we have limited water. Most ports where we stay have good shower and toilet facilities, but it depends on the destination how often we will stay overnight in a port, basically only on and off in Greece and Croatia.

Smoking on board?
Smoking is only allowed on the back of the yacht (not inside) and not during breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Cancellation and terms and conditions.

Cancellation by the client: Cancellations are possible; however there will be charges for cancellations. The cancellation charges are 50% of the price if you cancel earlier than eight weeks prior to departure. If you cancel within eight weeks of the departure date, the cost will be 100% of the total amount.

Cancellation by the company: We will never cancel a trip as a result of low occupancy like other (gay) sailing company's do all the time, but even a GaySail skipper or cook can get ill and although we have 17 skippers, theoretical it is possible we cannot find any replacement. Nothing like this happened the last 30 years. In case it is necessary for us to cancel a trip for any reason, also because of Covid travel restrictions, you will always get a voucher for the full amount you paid to us, to join us on another trip, so you won't lose your payment. For all bookings made after March 1 2021, you can also choose for a full refund instead of a voucher when you can't travel due to governmental Covid restrictions (other than showing a negative Covid test or proof of vaccination) or if we can't sail due to Governmental Covid restrictions. 

When you make a booking, you need to agree with our terms and conditions. For more information, see link. 


We require that you have a valid travel ­insurance. When you fill in reservation forms, you guarantee that you have such insurance. We also advises customers to buy cancellation insurance in case of possible unexpected circumstances before departure.