Greece: Mykonos-Santorini-Mykonos


Day 1: Mykonos
Boarding starts by 5.30 pm. After meeting with your Gay Crew in the afternoon we do the welcome drink, introduction round and first briefing. Then it is time to unpack your stuff and have a swim and/or a shower before we go to town for dinner.  Of course we pay a visit to the famous gay piano bar Montparnasse as well and if you like we go for partying afterwards in one of the gay bars. It is no coincidence that this, the most cosmopolitan of all Greek islands, attracts so many gay visitors from the entire globe. Here the steep mountains to be encountered in most of the Cyclades islands give way to low, rocky hills which combine with superb gay beaches. The capital Hora, with its colorful harbor in which little fishing boats nest happily side by side with luxury yachts, presents quite a different picture from that of the majority of Aegean island towns. Mykonos is spread out over a flat area, and the whitewashed streets stand as brilliant white cubic houses with stepped walls for sitting on.

Day 2: Mykonos – Paros
Departing from Mykonos in the small hours of the morning and heading for Paros. The first thing you notice when in Paros is the blue transparent sky floating inside dazzling white sunlight. Look on the island for the white Cycladic houses built next to the Aegean Sea. The two large natural bays of the islands Parikia and Naoussa, have beautifully protected sandy beaches. We will anchor for lunch and swim and then move to the port, in one of the bays, depending on the wind.

Day 3: Paros – Ios
Early this morning we pull anchor and start sailing to Ios. A lazy day ahead filled with sun tanning, listening to music and on board meals. We stop at an ideal swimming spot on the way to Ios - the famous tourist destination. Visitors come for its golden beaches and the characteristic Aegean architecture. Ios is well known as the party island with the lively atmosphere and the endless fun. The capital is built at the point where the ancient city was, where white houses unfold and its windmills and narrow small roads can be seen on the hill tops. We make a private sunset party on the church hill and afterwards we have dinner in the only gay (friendly) restaurant of Ios, Lord Byron.

Day 4: Ios – Santorini
As the sun comes up we head for the magic summer madness of Santorini. On our way we anchor of for lunch and swim at the south side of Ios. It has been said that the sunsets in Santorini are the best in the world. From the Caldera, watch breathtaking views of the volcano & neighboring islands. Santorini is one of the major tourist attractions of Europe with its marvelous climate and perfect observation conditions, you will experience a wild beauty created from a volcano that lies in the middle of the bay. Today you will have enough free time to explore the town. Still shaky Santorini needs no introduction, being a 1 million year old volcano that remains in active/dormant state until today. Its breathtaking beauty both historically and geologically are awe inspiring making it one of life’s true highlights. The island was home to a Minoan settlement that was obliterated by an eruption around 1650BC which sent tsunamis through the eastern Mediterranean. The colossal eruption displaced 30 cubic kilometers of earth jetting a cloud of ash 36 km into the sky creating the foundation of what we see today. Centrally located in the 300 meter deep 5 -mile wide crescent moon shaped caldera harbor are two new cones, Neas Palaias & Kammenis.We will anchor for the night at Oia in the north of the crater and take the ferry to the main Island.

Day 5: Santorini –  Naxos
After breakfast in the island we'll sail to Naxos. The island of Naxos is the largest and most central island in the Cyclades. Approaching the island by boat, you can see two small islands to the left and right of the harbor, one with the little church of Myrtidiotissa, and the other called Palatia which is linked to Naxos Town. The imposing gate, Portara is ab ancient marble temple dedicated to Apollo. Ligdamis ordered this to be built in the god's honor in the 6th century B.C You will have enough  free time to explore the town and to swim in the warm waters of the Aegean Sea or watch the sunset at the Arch.

Day 7: Naxos – Rinia

Upwind tacking to Rinia Island, with a great beach for the famous GaySail Beach BBQ including the GaySail Beach BBQ Punch.

Day 7: Naxos – Mykonos
Time to sail back to Mykonos. Mooring in the marina. It's a nice way to end this week over a cocktail watching the drag queen shows next to the pool in Elysium while the sun is going down. Dinner and party (if you like) in town.

Day 8: Mykonos
Our trip will end here (10:00 am) in the stunning waters of Mykonos. After an on board breakfast we say goodbye to our new friends, and disembark the vessel.

This itinerary is subject to change. Local circumstances such as weather may influence the itinerary.

Travel Information

There are direct flights to Mykonos or with a stopover in Athens. You can also fly to Athens and take the ferry to Mykonos.

The Marina is called "the new harbor" and is opposite the cruise ship dock. You can take a boat bus from the old port. a regular bus or a taxi.